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reliveit is a company that install CCTV, for start-up business and large organization, events and homes for better security for theft and threats for private and public environment

Organizations can use CCTV to monitor the actions of workers. Everyday action to record as an information. This helps to track the actions
of workers, especially when they are making critical financial transactions,
such as correcting or cancelling of a sale, withdrawing money or altering personal information.

CCTV for residential can be used to monitor and record everyday movements and even help you to secure your place even if you not around to give you a pleasure of security assurance and helps you to have a extra eye for your place

Our focus brands and manufactures for indoor and outdoor security

  • Tronitech Products
  • Hikvision Products
  • Milesight Products


Home CCTV Security

If you don't feel safe and need more security with HD CCTV don't hesitate to call RELIVEIT to book an appointment for site visit and installation

Business and Institution CCTV

if you looking to manage the process that happens in the premises and secure assets with virtual recordings call the right expects for CCTV installations

CCTV for Events

If you having an event like wedding, festival and more and you looking to record every moment RELIVEIT is here for you, expert you can trust. let every moment be remembered

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