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What is Digital Marketing?

digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon, we’ll focus on the most common types below.

ReLiveIT Marketing consultants specialize in understanding your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy that helps create easy to find, engaging experiences that inspire action – from joining your social network community to buying your product to referring your brand to peers and social networks.

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Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing describes the use of social networks, such as blogs and popular social networking platforms to support marketing campaigns, generate sales, further public relations or to provide customer service

PPC Management

Search engine marketing (PPC) allows you to run advertisements on Google that show when people are searching for the products and services you offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results.

Content Marketing

Taking your desired action by catering your needs and solving your pain points through highly targeted, creative, top quality digital content for product or services .

Email Marketing

Email marketing is, quite simply, using the tools of email to deliver advertising messages. The vast majority of Internet users have email accounts which allow them to receive an almost unlimited number of messages instantly.

Analytic Reports

measuring your advertising ROI as well as tracking you flash, videos, social networking websites, giving you insight about your product and services