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26 Oct 2017

UNV Ultra H.265 | The NEW era of high definition Video Surveillance

Save up to 95% storage space and 75% on storage costs!

UNV has combined U-Code and H.265 to create a unique deep compression technology called Ultra H.265 that can save up to 95% storage space and 75% storage cost. Unlike conventional video compression technologies which try to reduce storage costs by sacrificing resolution and frame rate indiscriminately, Ultra H.265 uses IRP (Intelligent Region Perception) to detect motion in each frame. That way scenes containing interesting information will be preserved while other relatively static areas such as lawns and white walls can be squeezed to save storage

Ultra H.265 brings great benefits to customers

With Ultra H.265 storage space is cut down from four hard drives to just one hard drive, saving you up to 75% on storage costs and on deployment costs. Moreover, Ultra H.265 retains the image quality, reduces the image distortion, optimizes image blur, trailing smear and rough of stroke edge which enhances the accuracy of VCA. Ultra H.265 also breaks the bottleneck of HD resolution enabling you to make full use of super HD surveillance features such as 4K resolution.





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